Girl’s Power~

First week,

During this first week we did not get to learn as much as we could because it is more to knowing what is the course is all about. Nonetheless, the first thing that we personally think was how the positivity brought by Prof has actually grabbed our interest in learning this course. We are pretty shocked on how to actually complete each and every task given by Prof during her lecture regarding this course introduction and its entire requirement. During the first week were pretty busy discussing on how are we going to fulfil the first individual task which is an introductory video about ourselves. So yeah! That is all about our first week in Educational and Technology Course.


In this week, we were still under the teaching of education technology, and there were still no relation with the group work, thus we did not have any discussion upon things that we still have no idea about. In fact, in this week we’re still focusing on our individual task and reflections and achievement. Despite all of those, we still do spend our time together a lot because we’re all kind of close to one another, so working together could be pretty easy since we knew about one another and the way they work and that he importance of each individual is taken to consideration

Week 3

Madam Aidah, the friendly one, was in charge on this week and on this week, my group and I will be learning something new- ‘Research in Education’, ‘Information Literacy Skills’ and ASSURE model. My group and I had learned and increased our knowledge that is related to educational issues, who would fill the knowledge gap of the people and too, provide platform for layman to contribute to existing knowledge. My group and I learned that in order to improve our teaching and learning approaches or practice, educators ought to enrich themselves with knowledge.

My group and I had learned about multi-skills development and skills which comprises four main branches of skills – management skills, analytic skills, writing skills and communication skills. The nearest exemplar that Madam Aidah used to make us more understand was our project, which we were going to practice. One of the skills that we had fully understood was the management skill where it’s actually an ongoing process and one updates the records regularly and in this context, management skill would be how we would manage our separated projects and combine it together and this skill actually quite related to analytic skills essentially as management would so much contribute to analyzing. Other skills that we personally could relate were writing and communication skills

Kak Ana showed us some of the previous videos created by our seniors and this made us felt even more excited to start our own project and we also watched and did Chinese exercise video projected at the white screen but of course, while we were enjoying ourselves and releasing our stress out, we had to analyze off the video shooting’s techniques. All of the techniques, all of the information and all of the new knowledge that we got that day pretty much had made us realized that there’re so much knowledge in photography that we still need to learn in order for us to come up with a great result


As usual, we would come to class a bit late and whatnot, and making noises, chit chatting and exploring the internet. Well, that last until the lecturer came in. Once the class has started, there is a sign of seriousness when we received instruction to come out with a storyboard that explain briefly about our story line. As amateurs, we have never come across any subjects or project that require us to sketch a storyboard. We are TESL students and able to draw nice picture is so not us.

My group, Edutech Girls has decided to do a meeting right after the class to discuss about the storyline for our short film. As a group we have some trouble adjusting to what we want to do because we need to compromise with the teammates. But at the end we choose to combine our ideas and agreed to do a short film with the theme of the human journey.

In the storyboard, it must contain the story line of our video, a simple description on how the story will be expanded and the closing act of the video. Oh, and before that we must decide on the genre of our video and message that we want to deliver throughout the video.

We have decided to go with a simple clip that tells the story of a Malaysian. Kinda like one of independent short story directed by our youngsters. We want to deliver dakwah through our video so we need to insert message of Islam to the audience. Our story focuses mainly on the journey of humans every day starting from before subuh until midnight, how Muslim devotes themselves to the Creator and balanced it with their needs.

Although it is only the beginning of the video production, it appears that there are a lot of things that need to be considered such as the theme, place setting, camera angle, characters, storyline, audio effects, editing and so much more.


Week 5

This week we do not have class but we were informed on the trip to Penang on the 6th week. We were very excited for it as our class has never been on a trip together before. Despite the excitement on the trip, my group mates and I planned on what we are going to do during the trip as the trip objective is to train us for shooting. We did some research on the places that we were going and decided on what shot to have and which scene it will be inserted. However we just planned roughly on it. We are so excited for the trip to Penang. Hope next week come faster!



Yeay!!  We are very excited to go to Penang not to mentioned that we got late to the bus at the night of our trip. It is very exciting as this is actually our first class trip together. Our journey starts at 11 pm at night from DECTAR UKM. We gathered there to make sure that everyone was there then we head of to Penang. So our journey took us about 5 hours just to go to Penang. Then we arrive at Penang’ Mosque at 5 30 in the morning. There we have our Subuh prayers and freshen ourselves up and get ready to have our photos shoots. At 7 am in the morning we had our breakfast at Mamak stall in penang and there is where we had our first photo shot where we get to shoot a video of trishaw by the side of the road. Next is we went to the Masjid Kapitan Keling. It is so beautiful and sophisticated with its white and pure interior design that made us breathless. Even the carvings in the walls and pole are so unique and detailed. So we did so shoots there too which is the scene of people walking besides the mosque which we had to take a few times because of this one little boy running around the mousque. Next is we went Peranakan Manshion but sad ly we cannot enter it because it causes us about RM 20 to went in there and so our class refuse to pay so yeah…We just continue our journey to our next stop which is Saint. George’s church where it seems like we are somewhere in London or something because it is so beautiful however, we didn’t take any shoots there just random snap shots but not for our video. Next is we went to fort Cornwallis which is kinda hot and boring but we still had so much fun because we are together. We had lunch afterwards at the famous nasi kandar at Penang.. yum3!! It is good.. heeee.. So it comes to our last stop when we head to the beach. Lastly we safely arrived at UKM in 5am in the morning.

7th Week

This week we had a deplorable day in the class because of the “sudden presentation”. We were asked to present our video details in front of the entire class on that day, and the best of all was that we did not even know about this. So, as Kak Ana was explaining about something else, which was our individual tasks and as well as group’s, we decided to held a little, somewhat we call an “E.M.E.R.G.E.N.C.Y.M.E.E.T.I.N.G” but we can’t make too much noises, so, one of our group mate decided to open a group chat on Facebook and we started to sketch on things that we’re going to present in a few minutes! First thing first, one of our group mates shared the draft that our group has prepared a few weeks ago just so that everyone can recall what we have been trying to do in our video. We then move on to dividing the sections of the video that we’re going to talk about up front as we thought that everyone would have to speak. Later then, we gave each other roles in the production of the video. Having one of the group mates as the producer, the writer, the editor, the actor, the photographer; those are all the roles that we have entitled each member and there were also those who play double roles in this video production.  The entire rush that we had was so exhilarating that we felt like, let’s just stop for a while, but we can’t! So we went on the discussion of the shots taken in videos, who knows what is long shot, medium shot and so on. To help with the issue, one of us shared a video on the basic shots in video making that she found on the YouTube. So we watched that, one of us jot down the notes on the shots, the others wrote things down on what to say up front and etcetera. That was pretty much of what we did in the class that week. IMG-20141031-WA0004 IMG-20141031-WA0005 IMG-20141031-WA0006

WEEK 8!!

Two days before our class, Dr. Rosseni put up an announcement in our Facebook group saying that she wants us to upload our favorite shot (picture) that we took during our trip to Penang island. So my groupmates agreed to upload the shot that Fatin took. Other than that, we have to fill up the form in the Facebook and put up links to our individual and group WordPress blog. And that’s the first time we hear about group blog. ( -_____- ). As fast as the cockroach without legs (direct translation from BM loll), our group leader, Miss Syamimi create the EDUTECH Girls blogspot for us to spread the progress for our video.

Updating blogs and have to keep up with our videos is a bit tense for most of us, especially because we are all active and involves with lots of event and program either in university or in college. We are surely thankful because Edutech Girls consists of such lovable and responsible members under the leadership of Miss Syamimi.

We continue our class with normal-random-discussion about our trip. So each of us (only few actually) stood up and give their personal reflection. For me, I think that trip creates a strong bond between us, TESLians and give us a memorable memory to keep.

Week 9th

There was no class on this week, but my group and I were trying to finish up our final draft of the video since we had to post it on the Facebook’s group for evaluation and feedbacks from our classmates. So my group and I were busy on editing our video as we were trying to delete some of the slots that weren’t needed and adding some of the soundtrack that Dr’Rosseni’s asked us to add in. My group and I searched some of the soundtracks that we were told to use for our video and apparently the soundtrack suggested that we used in the video gave more impact for our video. We too, rearranged some of the shots, and we added a quote in our video to make bring out greater impact for our viewer. Basically, this week was our week to give our video final touch before it was evaluated and my group and I had put our effort into this video making and what we got from this activity was not only improvements and knowledge but also the value of cooperation between our group members.

kak tin    kak tin2

Week 10

This week we had presentation for our progression on video project. The presentation was quite disappointing as we have some problem with our editing. Umi and Fatin edited the video to insert music and sound. At first they had a tough time to edit as editing sound and music to the shots is complicated.  It is not easy to find a good and suitable music or sound for a shot. For example, the Athan part. Even though it is only athan, but we were very rigid in choosing which athan to put whether athan from Mecca or Madina. There were some shots that the sound that has been inserted seems not right but we still edited it. So it took quite long time to edit the video plus a lot of effort.  After the editing was done, we saved the video. Unfortunately, the video was corrupted when we try to open it. We were so disappointed. However, we do not have any choice. We still have to present what we have done. So, we end up presenting our video shots, scene by scene. Although the lecturer might be disappointed with our presentation but we had try our best. This became lesson for us to become more thoughtful and careful in the future.

Week 12

The recording of our video was done fully several weeks earlier, and we also have uploaded our first production on the Facebook for our lecturer and fellow classmates to share their thought on it. The quality of our video was not in high definition as we wanted it to be in the first place and we could not figure it out still even on this week, thus we gave what we have at that moment to our lecturer in order to not lose our opportunity to fix either the storyline or to see if the message that we try to give out is delivered or not. Several feedbacks was received from our lecturer, DR.Rosseni, and it was very helpful as it improvised our video in a way that we never thought it would. For example, to cut the unimportant parts in order to make the video shorter, also to make the storyline clearer for the viewer; in all honesty, we do take Dr’s advices and also our fellow friends’ seriously and we did try to fix some of the parts that are seriously…ill, however our lack of ICT exposure disabled us from doing so, but we still have not given up.


During week 13, Dr Rosseni has asked us to join a talk on photography at Penerbit UKM. At first we thought that there will not be many students there but as we arrived there, the hall was so full that students would have to stand and one of our group members even sat down on the floor but only before there is an empty seat available afterwards. The talk was about the photography back than compared to know with all the new equipments and technology. The talk was given by Encik Abd Rai Othman and other speakers too. One of the speaker was Encik Salleh who is one of the man who have climbed the Everest mountain and it is said that next year he is going to do it again. Wow.. that is so amazing. Also he is so talented in photography whereby, he had once taken photos on ice which is when he climbed the Everest Mountain.  In that talk there are also a lot of speech on how to use the machines and equipment back than where by the uses a dark room to avoid lights from entering the room and ruined the film or pictures that they wanted to develop. It is very fascinating to see how people back than have gone through so much trouble to produce one single perfect photo. We really hope that this kind of talk will be held again for us the amateur photographers to understand and appreciate photography more and more.